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How to collect information from your tenants with online forms

"Property Management" is a wonderful profession to be in. Whether you're a landlord, a real estate broker, or a professional property manager, your job can be either a rewarding experience or a frustrating headache. The devil, as they say, is in the details, and this is certainly true. Wouldn't it be exceptional if you had a better system in place to keep track of everything? Is there some sort of system in place to keep track of loose ends?

If you happen to be in the industry of designing websites for property management firms or real estate enterprises, you'll appreciate all of the online tools and resources available for creating and editing forms. What's the best part? No need to worry if you are not a coder or computer wiz! It's simple to just copy and paste online forms onto your website or email or to integrate them into a newsletter.

Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? You can apply the following methods to assist you in gathering information and working with renters.

Keep track of your Tenants

Are you in charge of an apartment complex, a condominium building, or a housing development? If that's the case, we're guessing you have a lot of renters to keep track of. Do you ever find yourself losing track of how long someone has rented your apartment, whether or not they have paid their rent on time, or whether or not there has been any damage to the property? Do not be concerned: with so many tenants, it is likely that you will not be able to recall each and every one of them.

It is possible to create an internal system that will assist you in organizing information about each renter by using an Online Form. It's a quick and easy method to keep track of everyone who leases from you or has leased from you, and because it's stored online, you'll never have to worry about losing track of anybody!

Give tenants an easy way to submit complaints

The process of dealing with complaints is perhaps the most "unpleasant" aspect of property management. Have you ever received calls at 3 a.m. from a tenant complaining about their noisy neighbors? Have you ever been woken awake in the middle of the night by someone telling you that their faucet is leaking? Create an online form on your website that contains either the Issue Tracking Form or the Complaint Form.

This will make your life more peaceful – and will provide renters with a simple way to contact you. If your neighbors throw a kegger, had a pipe burst, or lock themselves out of their house, they can simply log in and notify you. Make sure to take advantage of the online form's notification system, which will send you an email as soon as someone completes and submits your form.

Share important files and applications

As someone who works in the real estate industry, you are all too familiar with the innumerable paperwork that must be completed. Applications. Agreements. Leases. Rules and regulations that must be followed. etc. Instead of attempting to attach all of those forms to an email, you can simply utilize Question Scout's file upload system, which you can embed into any form on the website.

People will be directed to your website, where they'll be asked to fill up their details, and then they may submit documents by attaching them to the upload area. In the case of really big documents, you can utilize its numerous useful features for uploading large files, which ultimately reduces the time and effort spent on paperwork.

Make it easy to book Appointments

The Appointment Booking and Scheduling Form may be used by realtors and landlords who show homes to make the appointment-booking process simpler. It allows users to arrange appointments online, which saves time for everyone involved. Integrate your calendar with your website so that the relevant timeslots appear. All you have to do is send visitors to your website, and bingo! They can plan time to look at homes without needing to contact you to set up an appointment with you first.

It's reasonable to assume that no one likes being caught off guard by last-minute adjustments. Either of these scenarios might occur when you have too many appointments on your calendar or when they emerge out of nowhere at the last minute. It might be frustrating to accommodate such meetings while remaining on top of your job, but asking potential tenants to postpone is inconvenient for both of you. You can limit the number of activities that can be planned each day by using online forms.

Collect rent Online

This time of the month is one of the most hated since it means you have to track down renters to collect their rent payments. Due to this, landlords are forced to choose between waiting for rent to arrive in the mail or going to their properties and picking them up themselves. Late payments or numerous visits to the property to knock on doors and make uncomfortable demands for payment are common consequences.

Instead of sorting through the endless list of "I can't find my checkbook" excuses, offer tenants the option to pay their rent online. Simply integrate Online Payment Forms, and renters will be able to send money using some of the web's most popular payment processing services, such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and others, without any further effort.

Bottom Line

If you're using paper forms, it's easy to become overwhelmed by their restrictions. In the event that you have paper forms on hand that has been successful in the past, you may be seeking to create an exact replica online. Keep in mind, though, that you should not get stuck on printing. Online data-collection forms have the potential to be much more versatile, so take advantage of these possibilities.

With Question Scout's form builder, you have complete control over the look and feel of your forms. It is an easy online tool that allows anyone to create and build online forms–no coding or programming required.