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QuestionScout is made to make online data collection easy to create, simple to manage and enjoyable to take.

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Data collection wizard, that’s you!

QuestionScout provides all the features you need to support you or your team in your data collection journey. And we make you look good doing it, too!
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Premium-Platinum-Gold? Oh...

Unfortunately we don’t have fancy names for our plans. To make up for it, we decided to make our plans affordable for both individuals & businesses.
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Craft it

Creating forms and surveys in QuestionScout is refreshing.

Give yourself and your team the tools you need to create all kinds of forms and surveys.
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Reason one

Spark up a conversation

Build forms and surveys easily using our handcrafted builder. No app to download, no learning curve.
Reason two

We got a field for that

Get all the answers you’re looking for with ease using one of our 20+ tailored form fields.
Reason three

Conversational Forms

Make the survey experience as smooth as possible by displaying a single question at a time.
Reason four

Traditional Forms

Create data-heavy, complex forms with minimal effort in the traditional format everyone is used to.
Reason five

Ask.. Logically!

With Conditional Logic, Page Logic & Skip Logic you can make your forms & surveys smart with little effort.
Reason six

Make it personal

Make your surveys personal instead of serving ‘one-size-fits-all’ by referring to previously answered fields.
Reason seven

Templates to-go

Build beautiful and engaging forms quickly using our template library. All you need to do is make some edits!

Design it

Forms built with QuestionScout are engaging and beautiful

Imagine having your respondents take surveys they actually like. QuestionScout makes forms and surveys so refreshingly good, they’ll want more.
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Reason eight

Design Freedom

With over 500 options, you can confidently create an online form or survey that’s on-brand.
Reason nine

100% No-Code

Our themes designer is made so anyone can design themes without writing a single line of code.
Reason ten

Perfect on every device

Our forms are 100% responsive to ensure it looks perfect on any kind of device, both large and small.
Reason eleven

Zero branding

QuestionScout for Business & specific individual plans have all branding removed to make your forms truly yours.
Reason twelve

Fonts? Fonts!

We like fonts, and you probably do too. For this reason we support both Adobe Fonts & Google Fonts.
Reason thirteen

Image Library

Need beautiful stock photography? With our integration you can pick any image you want!
Reason fourteen

Themes to-go

Quickly make your forms and surveys look beautiful with a handful of custom made themes.

Ship it

It’s easy to share, track and analyze results in QuestionScout

Everything you need to manage your online surveys & forms in one easy to use, intuitive system.
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Reason fifteen

Shareable Reporting

Export activity, people, and reports to customizable PDF and CSV for easy sharing.
Reason sixteen


Understand how your respondents are interacting with your form with helpful statistics.
Reason seventeen

Activity Summaries

Get an overview of which fields have performed the best compared to others in a matter of seconds.
Reason eighteen

Live Analytics

Near real-time statistics of your form or survey to always be one step ahead.
Reason nineteen

Partial Responses

Respondents not completing your forms or surveys? With Partial Responses, you can see what your respondents type without them having to submit.