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QuestionScout is made to make online data collection easy to create, simple to manage and enjoyable to take.

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Craft it

Creating forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators in QuestionScout is refreshing

Give yourself and your team the tools you need to create all kinds of forms and surveys.
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Reason #1

Spark up a conversation

Build forms, surveys, quizzes, or calculators easily using our handcrafted builder. No app to download, no learning curve.
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Reason #2

Work together

Build your forms, surveys, quizzes, or calculators simultaneously with people all over the world. No need to refresh your browser!
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Reason #3

Conversational forms

Make the survey experience as smooth as possible by displaying a single question at a time.
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Reason #4

Traditional forms

Create data-heavy, complex forms with minimal effort in the traditional format everyone is used to.
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Reason #5

We got a field for that

Get all the answers you’re looking for with ease using one of our 20+ tailored form fields.
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Reason #6

Answer piping

Make your forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators personal instead of serving ‘one-size-fits-all’ by referring to previously answered fields.
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Reason #7

Ask.. Logically!

With Conditional Logic, Page Logic & Skip Logic you can make your forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators smart with little effort.
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Reason #8

Make calculations

With calculation rules, you can create complex quizzes or even calculate the price for automated payments.
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Reason #9


Collect payment easily and safely with PayPal, Stripe, Mollie or Square!
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Reason #10


Let your forms, surveys, quizzes, or calculators appear around the world!
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Reason #11

Templates to-go

Build beautiful and engaging forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators quickly using our template library. Then, all you need to do is make some edits!
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Reason #12

Prefilling fields

Do you already know the first name of your respondent? Let's enter this information into the field as swiftly as possible.

Design it

Forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators built with QuestionScout are engaging and beautiful

Imagine having your respondents take surveys they actually like. QuestionScout makes forms and surveys so refreshingly good, they’ll want more.
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Reason #13

Design freedom

With over 600 options, you can confidently create an online form, survey, quiz, and calculator that’s on-brand.
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Reason #14

100% No-Code

Our themes designer is made so anyone can design themes without writing a single line of code.
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Reason #15

Perfect on every device

Our forms are 100% responsive to ensure it looks perfect on any kind of device, both large and small.
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Reason #16

Zero branding

QuestionScout Pro plan have all branding removed to make your forms truly yours.
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Reason #17

Fonts? Fonts!

We like fonts, and you probably do too. For this reason we support both Adobe Fonts & Google Fonts.
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Reason #18

Images library

Need beautiful stock photography? With our integration you can pick any image you want!
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Reason #19

Themes to-go

Quickly make your forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators look beautiful with a handful of custom made themes.

Ship it

Start getting responses with QuestionScout

It's time to share your work and hear response from others.
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Reason #20


Share your form, survey, quiz, or calculator on social media or send it by email. Do you want to make it available outside the digital world? We can also help in this regard. Simply download generated by QuestionScout QR code.
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Reason #21


Make your form, survey, quiz, or calculator part of your website. No coding is required! All you need to do is copy generated by QuestionScout embed code.
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Reason #22

Resume on return

Your respondent can stop filling out your form, survey, or quiz and continue later. We will safely store his/her progress on every change, so no data will be lost.
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Reason #23

Partial responses

With Partial responses, you can see what your respondents type without them having to submit.
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Reason #24

Availability settings

Set your form, survey, quiz, or calculator to open or close automatically at the date and time of your choice.
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Reason #25

Custom domains

Connect your own domain to fully integrate QuestionScout with your organisation. Forget about difficult SSL configuration. We'll take care of it.
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Reason #26

Custom code

Add custom blocks of HTML code to your form, survey, quiz, or calculator to unlock all kinds of custom functionality.


Take care of your data, clients, and teammates easily

Everything you need in one easy to use, intuitive system. Designed for businesses of all types, as well as individuals.
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Reason #27

Results table

Browse, filter, segregate, and sort the responses to efficiently examine the data.
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Reason #28

Results charts

Convert granular data into easily understood, visually compelling, and valuable business information.
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Reason #29

Shareable Reporting

Export reports to customisable PDF and CSV for easy sharing.
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Reason #30


Whenever a new response arrives, you and your team members will be notified without any delay. You can also configure automatic email confirmation for people filling out your form, survey, quiz, or calculator.
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Reason #31

Users management

Determine access restrictions for each user individually so that they can take advantage of QuestionScout within your control.
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Reason #32

SMTP settings

Connect your own mail server to send messages from an email address that your customers recognise.
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Reason #33


To make organising and controlling your forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators easier, you can categorise them into workspaces.