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Why your real estate company needs a better way to manage data

According to the National Association of Realtors, 56 percent of people found their dream house through the internet. This figure is expected to rise as a result of fewer in-person showings and more virtual ones, especially when you consider that technology-savvy millennials now account for a sizable portion of today's purchasers. Data is being collected in real-time, allowing property owners to see anything from power use to tenant requests to interest in their homes in real-time.

Having access to this information will continue to define the future of real estate services while also introducing new participants into the industry. Those involved in the real estate sector will need to be able to modify their business strategies in order to stay on track with industry changes and anticipate the demands of their clientele.

This article presents how to handle and gather data that will affect the real estate business and how real estate service providers may adapt to these shifts in the industry.

Gather accurate data

A web-based form creator can help you save money while increasing efficiency, standardization, and accuracy. You can be sure that you will obtain consistent feedback, as well as that you will collect the information necessary to achieve your goals. Forms that are responsive across mobile devices and tablets have a greater reach, allowing a greater number of people to access and complete your form.

Using the form in person will allow you to ensure that your team is presenting the exact same question each and every time you meet with them. When dealing with customer complaints, gathering personal information, or even when taking an order, an online form is extremely helpful. Customer experience is standardized as a result, and there is no risk of forgetting to collect certain information, which could result in the need to survey the customer a second time, which is advantageous.

Data storage made secure

Online forms provide you with the opportunity to collect information in a safe and uniform manner. Once the necessary information has been collected, it is securely kept so that it may be accessed by authorized individuals only. This offers you added peace of mind knowing that your data is securely stored, as opposed to paper forms that may be misplaced or lost in the process. Files are securely backed up and lower the risk of data loss, guaranteeing that data is recoverable.

Online forms give a variety of choices for the collection of data across a wide range of sectors, and they are an obvious method to decrease paperwork while simultaneously increasing data security. A rise in the availability of professional, easy-to-use survey software like Questionscout has been made available to researchers to aid them in their work. This software has changed how researchers do their studies by making the development of online forms simple and quick.

The future is digital-first

Realtors must understand their customers on an individual level in order to discover innovative methods to fulfill their requirements and give added value. If agreements remain paper-based and stagnant, businesses risk establishing a large gap between what customers anticipate and what they receive. Cloud-based solutions that provide intelligent, conversational user experiences help enable real estate firms to gradually collect data at strategically timed intervals.

Only ask customers relevant questions that take previous answers into account, as well as the ability to start and stop the form without losing information. Redefining how information is acquired means organizations can respond promptly and via preferred channels. Online forms update the gathering and use of consumer information, provide customers the ability to begin discussions with organizations, and reduce friction from key transactions.

Management made easy

The majority of commercial real estate owners hold several properties. However, more purchases might result in greater overhead costs due to the requirement for staff to manage these assets. Data analytics combined with online forms solutions enable you to collect a variety of data points in order to gain real-time insight into your properties' important information, such as their vacancy rate, the need for repairs, continuing maintenance requirements, and data linked to their systems.

Managing this data by using Questionscout's online forms, you may minimize the amount of time your employees spend gathering essential information, allowing them to focus on other tasks like responding to tenant inquiries or finalizing lease arrangements with new renters.

The intelligence of Online forms

Intelligent online forms are perfect for firms that need dynamic internal routing inside your business. Forms can be automatically sent to the next supervisor in a chain to ensure that the data obtained is correct and complete. Forms may be shared with supervisors, senior management, and HR as needed without devoting an actual staff to work. This boosts productivity, saves time and money, and reduces paper waste.

The gathering and reporting of data are simplified with the use of various types of forms. All form data is collected into a report, providing you with insights on answers on a global and individual basis. You can simply tally results or create progress reports using this information. Reports can also be exported to be analyzed and presented further.


Forms may be found almost everywhere, including hospitals, banks, real estate firms, and every human resource (HR) department. There are several applications for electronic form management systems nowadays. Forms management systems, on the other hand, may go horribly wrong when the paper is involved. Do you recall a time when filling out paper-based paperwork was a major source of frustration?

A task as complex as form management is not something that can be completed in a day. It is a difficult beast to tame, depending on how you utilize forms in your real estate company. That is why you require the expertise of the leading forms management software, such as Questionscout. A platform that allows for the design of dynamic forms. Additionally, it might save your company time. After all, even a small amount of time saved (10-12 hours a week) adds up quickly.