Top 10 Typeform alternatives 2020

Online surveys are one of the most popular ways to collect data. Over 35% of all data collected globally is done using online surveys, interviews or questionnaires. The main reason surveys are so popular is because you can use surveys at any stage of your business. From getting initial feedback to establishing partner relationships, surveys work. No matter the use-case, surveys are and will remain one of the most popular ways to collect data. The main problem is that many tools leave much to desire.

The good and bad things about Typeform, and why you should consider alternatives.

Typeform is one of the most popular online survey building services out there as of writing, mainly because they have made the “conversational survey” as accessible as it is today. If you’re not aware what a conversational survey is, it’s mostly a survey displaying a single question at a time, being more of a “conversation” versus a “form”.

Even though Typeform is being applauded for the well-needed innovation within the survey space, they have gotten a lot of criticism lately. Here’s a list of the most common complaints over the last couple of months:

These complaints are gathered from reviews based on reviews their customers placed on G2, Capterra & TrustPilot. Knowing this, it’s a great time to learn about Typeform alternatives for both existing and new Typeform users. We’ve gathered 10 of the most popular Typeform alternatives you should keep an eye on in 2020.

Here’s a summary of all Typeform Alternatives in 2020 we’ll be covering in this article:

Let’s dive straight into the top 10:

#10 - Paperform (visit the Paperform website)

Paperform is a unique tool that allows you to create landing-page like forms, or as they call it the “Landing Form”. From building your form with their 15+ field types, styling it using their straightforward theme tool, to accepting payments within no-time. It’s a great tool that can do pretty much whatever you want from a form builder.

The Paperform Builder

The reason why Paperform is such an excellent Typeform alternative in 2020, is because their pricing is much more flexible then Typeform (starting at $15/mo), and as their forms are also very uniquely positioned to increase the response rate.

To summarize some of Paperforms main features, Paperform is a great Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of Paperform being a Typeform Alternative? There are certainly downsides to using Paperform as a Typeform alternative in 2020. If you need to use Paperform to collect surveys as a team, you can’t make use of their $15/mo plan, as it only supports a single user. If you need additional users on your account, you need to opt-in for their Agency plan (which starts at $99/mo for five users, +$5 per month for extra users!). Aside from this, this Typeform alternative is still a great tool to check out in 2020!

As AJ mentioned in his TrustPilot review for Paperform:

“Absolutely love Paperform. It has tons of functionality and is easy to embed into existing websites. We’d be lost without it. Well done to the Paperform team for continuing to develop a fabulous service.”

#9 - Jotform (visit the Jotform website)

Jotform has been for a very long time and is still a fantastic tool to check out as a Typeform alternative. It is, without a doubt, one of the most feature-rich form builders out there. With their massive library of themes, form fields and templates (they have over 30.000 of them!) getting started with Jotform as a Typeform alternative is accessible.

Why would you consider Jotform as a Typeform alternative in 2020? Glad you’ve asked! Jotform is an excellent tool if you’d like to create simple, yet very effective forms for a lower price then Typeform. The free plan Jotform supports is much more competitive then Typeforms’ free plan as of writing, and their paid plans (starting at $15/mo) are also very generous.

To summarize some of Jotforms’ main features, Jotform is an excellent Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of Jotform being a Typeform Alternative? Unfortunately, Jotform becomes less of a great Typeform alternative if you’re a team wanting to use surveys or forms. If you’d like to use Jotform with your team, you’re going to have to pay $79/user/mo. Another downside is that their massive library of themes, templates and widgets can be incredibly low quality. It’s a double-edged sword, as the library can both be incredibly helpful and completely useless.

As ElephantInTheBoardroom mentioned in its TrustPilot review for Jotform:

“A quality form builder. Great for tracking data. Easy to build forms and complete analysis. Highly recommended.”

#8 - SurveyMonkey (visit the SurveyMonkey Website)

Like Jotform, Surveymonkey has been around for a long time. Their form builder is incredibly popular, as it has without a doubt been on your list as a Typeform Alternative already. We’re going to dig in a bit deeper on why it could be the perfect Typeform Alternative for you.

SurveyMonkey has been around for what seems like forever. Founded in 1999, it’s one of the only survey tools that has been around for that long, and their software shows. SurveyMonkey is incredibly intuitive to use, has lots of form fields and pretty much every feature you could wish for when you’re holding an online survey, making it an excellent Typeform alternative. The surveys you can build in SurveyMonkey aren’t competing with Typeforms though, as they are set up to be more “traditional”. Despite this, SurveyMonkey is a must-check Typeform alternative in 2020.

To summarize some of Survey Monkeys’ main features, SurveyMonkey is an excellent Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of SurveyMonkey being a Typeform Alternative? As SurveyMonkey is a massive organization, customer support can be slow and frustrating. Many customer reviews complain about their poor customer support and service. Another downside is their plan prices, which start at $30/user/mo, making it expensive for teams wanting to use SurveyMonkey as a Typeform alternative.

As Susan mentioned in her TrustPilot review for SurveyMonkey:

“Survey Monkey is great when used for the designed purpose - a basic survey in low to moderate volume. EASY to use, lots of free features. Many more features available with upgrades.”

#7 - Formstack (visit the Formstack Website)

Need a reliable, enterprise-ready Typeform alternative in 2020? Then Formstack is a tool you should check out. Formstack is an excellent Typeform alternative as they have a large number of features you’re used to seeing in Typeform. With a massive library of features, form fields and much more, Formstack is an excellent alternative to Typeform.

Creating, designing and using online surveys and forms using Formstack is a relatively straightforward process. At times, the tool can be somewhat frustrating to use because the drag and drop can be somewhat clumsy, but if you can get over that and the somewhat outdated interface, you’ll love Formstack as a Typeform alternative. Setting up your form, designing it accordingly (using advanced CSS for the best results) and sharing it is a breeze. For those that need all the enterprise-related features Formstack provides, it’s a fantastic Typeform alternative in 2020.

To summarize some of Formstacks’ main features, Formstack is an excellent Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of Formstack being a Typeform Alternative? Formstack forms, unfortunately, don’t look perfect compared to Typeforms without any custom CSS styling, so if you’re looking to get similar results to a Typeform, you’re going to have to write some code yourself. Their pricing is also quite steep if you’re looking for a competitor priced similarly to Typeform when you need additional users (starting at $100/mo).

As Daniela S mentioned in her Capterra review for Formstack:

“One of the most cost-effective form tools we’ve found and extremely easy to use. I wish there were a bit more versatility to the type of questions you can add to a form, but overall it’s pretty good!”

#6 - Google Forms (visit the Google Forms website)

Google Forms is the holy grail of free online survey and form builders. To those that were using the Typeform Free plan before they restricted them even further, it’s the best Typeform Alternative you can find in 2020. With unlimited restrictions and an interface that works just fine for a 100% free tool, those that need a 100% free Typeform alternative should check Google Forms out.

With Google Forms, it’s easy to make online surveys and forms entirely for free. If you’re looking for a Typeform alternative based on their previous free plan, Google Forms is the best alternative to Typeform you can find, despite it not having the same conversational layout & styling. With the necessary integrations, very basic styling and a decent amount of form fields, you’re guaranteed to do great surveys at no cost.

To summarize some of Google Forms main features, Google Forms is an excellent Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of Google Forms being a Typeform Alternative? Google Forms is 100% free, but compared to Typeform, it’s also incredibly basic. With minimal styling, limited ability to add users to your account and fundamental field types, it could be tough to replace Typeform completely with Google Forms. For those that used Typeform for free though, this is without a doubt the best Typeform alternative in 2020.

As Jose Leon mentioned in his TrustRadius review for Google Forms:

“Google Forms is being used by our organization to make it easier to share our work, collaborate with everyone around the company in different cities, improve our efficiency, and be more productive. It is easier to work everywhere, knowing that you can continue your work on any computer you have available.”

#5 - SoGoSurvey (visit the SoGoSurvey website)

SoGoSurvey is a tool made specifically to collect responses through Surveys. The tool is made to be easy to use while being an incredibly powerful tool to receive online survey responses. With all of the essentials & advanced reporting tools, SoGoSurvey is a great Typeform alternative in 2020 for those that utilized Typeform mostly for surveys.

SoGoSurvey allows you to create surveys in a more traditional format, and not in the conversational layout that Typeform uses. Despite that, their software is compelling and straightforward to build online surveys. With their vast amount of form fields, features and reporting tools, it’s a good solution for those that want a package of best practices.

To summarize some of SoGoSurveys’ main features, SoGoSurvey is a great Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of SoGoSurvey being a Typeform Alternative? It can be a bit intimidating to start using SoGoSurvey. Compared to Typeform, their interface is not that intuitive and is very complicated for first-time users. Their pricing can also be pretty complicated and expensive, being billed annually by default in most cases. For those that want a simple, temporary Typeform alternative, SoGoSurvey wouldn’t be recommended.

As Glueckskind 06 mentioned in his TrustPilot review for SoGoSurvey:

“I searched very long to find a good working survey tool. SoGoSurvey is the perfect one for my purpose. It has many options to choose from, and it is so easy to handle. Another great advantage is that I’m as a student allowed to get a free Upgrade. I’m looking forward to work with SoGoSurvey!”

#4 - CognitoForms (visit the CognitoForms Website)

Using CognitoForms, you can easily create online forms and surveys for a very affordable price. With plans starting at $10/mo, it’s a good Typeform alternative to those that value the right price/quality balance. Combined with a significant number of features, CognitoForms is a great Typeform alternative.

Using CognitoForms, you can make forms and surveys easily with their easy-to-use form builder. Despite it being very basic, and the design being somewhat outdated, it’s still a great Typeform Alternative in 2020 for when you’re looking for something a bit less fancy. Considering the features, CognitoForms provides, combined with affordable prices, makes CognitoForms a great Typeform alternative.

To summarize some of CognitoForms’ main features, CognitoForms is a great Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of CognitoForms being a Typeform Alternative? CognitoForms is not that intuitive to use, and their software and online surveys look incredibly outdated. Combining that with very minimal styling options, it’s impossible to make CognitoForms’ as lovely as a Typeform. If you don’t mind these styling limitations, CognitoForms is a fantastic alternative to Typeform in 2020.

As Faelan H. mentioned in his Capterra review for CognitoForms:

“Has a wide range of field types and features (saving progress, customizable tables, signatures, calculations, pre-fills) that other form builders don’t have. If your form has any complexity, this is the best out there, and the pricing is excellent value for money.”

#3 - SurveyPlanet (visit the SurveyPlanet Website)

SurveyPlanet is another Typeform Alternative in 2020. Using SurveyPlanet, you can easily create easy-to-use and nice-looking surveys with all the fields you could want. Combined with affordable pricing for the plans that don’t require any additional users, SurveyPlanet is an excellent Typeform Alternative.

SurveyPlanet is an excellent tool for when you need to do simple surveys. Their builder allows you to select from a variety of fields, allowing you to make surveys as comprehensive as Typeform surveys. Their default styling is also effortless but pleasant, making SurveyPlanet an excellent Typeform alternative in 2020. Combining this with the rest of their feature set, and affordable prices ($20/mo) for those that don’t need additional users, it’s the number 3 in our Typeform Alternatives list.

To summarize some of SurveyPlanet’s main features, SurveyPlanet is an excellent Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of SurveyPlanet being a Typeform Alternative? SurveyPlanet has a bit of a learning curve, as their interface is quite tricky to use at times. Using SurveyPlanet with multiple users can also get expensive, as their monthly prices for additional users starts at $162/mo/user. If you need basic surveys and not too many other features, SurveyPlanet is an excellent Typeform alternative in 2020.

As Cassie T. mentioned in her review for SurveyPlanet:

“It’s really user-friendly and straightforward. There’s also a great variety of question types from scales to multiple choice which is very helpful in getting feedback. I use it for my primary feedback survey.”

#2 - Survio (visit the Survio website)

Survio is another great Typeform Alternative in 2020 for those that need simple surveys. With prices starting at $20/mo, it’s very similarly priced compared to all of the other Typeform Alternatives on this top 10. With an extensive feature-set and a large number of fields, it’s a great tool to consider when you’re looking for a Typeform Alternative.

Need a tool that specializes in collecting survey responses and building online surveys? Survio is another great Typeform alternative you can consider. With a large number of fields and an extensive list of features for those on their more expensive plans (starting at $50/mo), it’s a fantastic alternative to Typeform. Unfortunately, if you need to invite multiple users to your account, Survio isn’t a great alternative to Typeform as they don’t support that.

To summarize some of Survio’s main features, Survio is a great Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of Survio being a Typeform Alternative? If you’re looking for a tool that’s more affordable than Typeform while being better, Survio is probably not the best Typeform alternative. Combined with the expensive pricing when you need their advanced features, it can become a pretty expensive solution. You also can not invite additional users to your account, which can be a problem for some.

As Tamara R. mentioned in her Capterra review for Survio:

“With Survio, we were able to conduct a survey of over 100 people for our studies. Creating the survey was child’s play. Even during the period when the survey was running, everything worked without any problems.”

#1 - QuestionScout (visit the QuestionScout Website)

At the end of the list of Typeform alternatives in 2020, we have QuestionScout. With both traditional and conversational forms and surveys, it’s easy to create surveys similar to what you’re used to using Typeform for just a fraction of the cost, as you get all features on every single plan level using QuestionScout (starting at $1/mo).

QuestionScout is the perfect alternative to Typeform in 2020 if you’re looking for a tool that has no limitations on their free plan, and is very affordable for when you need more users ($5/mo/user). The QuestionScout builder is very intuitive to use and has all of the field types you could ever need. Aside from that, their design tool is the most advanced and easy to use compared to any other survey building tool. Combining that with their flexible pricing system (plans starting at $1.00/mo) makes this the perfect Typeform alternative in 2020.

To summarize some of QuestionScout’s main features, QuestionScout is a great Typeform alternative because:

How about the downsides of QuestionScout being a Typeform Alternative? QuestionScout is founded in 2019, making it one of the newer tools on this list.

As Irfan Khan mentioned in his TrustPilot review for QuestionScout:

“I must have spent three days going through at-least 50 different form sites until I stumbled upon QuestionScout. One of the best days of my life. From the moment you look at the interface, it takes about 15 seconds to figure it out. Simple interface design, great back-end management dashboards - NO DRAMA. And if you get stuck, Ping Jordy [who’s always online somehow] and he will destroy that bug right up for you. No Code required, no prior experience, no BS, no Drama, just straight ergonomic forms as you like them. Last but not least, their FLEXIBLE strategic pricing is something that should be the industry standard, delete all your other forms and give these guys a shot. You won’t regret it.”

Phew... That was a lot to take in. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect Typeform alternative for you and your business in 2020.