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Streamline collection of rental applications with online forms

Managing the continual inflow of rental and leasing applications is a time-consuming and document-intensive procedure that takes a lot of effort. In order to verify that all fields have been completed, property managers frequently comb through these papers by hand while continuing to balance other vital responsibilities such as meeting with customers and showing homes. Implementing time-saving techniques is essential for ensuring that everything is completed properly and on schedule.

Many elements of the renting process, such as lease agreements, inspection reports, and other tenant information, can be automated through Online Forms. Using Questionscout Documents, you will be able to automatically generate a rental or leasing agreement using a rental or leasing agreement. Rather than doing this manually, a simplified approach will decrease friction while also decreasing manual chores. Let's go over the several stages to streamlining the rental application management process.

Rental Application forms

The online rental application process begins with the submission of a secure rental application form on your company's website. The renter will next click on a link to a rental application, where he or she will complete the form with all of the information you would typically use for background and credit checks on potential tenants/renters. Because renters' sensitive information is collected, it is critical that this information be encrypted in terms of protecting against identity theft.

Additionally, the online form should be tailored to your company's needs and should include all of the rental application questions that are needed by law in your jurisdiction. Assuming that the average renter completes the online rental application form with all of their information, pays any rental application costs electronically, and submits it, it will be sent straight to you for review, background and credit checks, and other requirements.

Manage Application forms

What good are online rental application forms if they can't be viewed and managed easily? After renters, complete online rental applications, the ability to save and subsequently access the information online in an easy-to-use manner is required to replace the traditional file cabinet. Questionscout provides a simple solution that allows you to examine applications and control the whole workflow as you process them using the rental application forms dashboard.

The dashboard enables the property management to view and search all online rental application forms directly from their website, allowing them to complete credit, background, and eviction screens faster and simpler than with paper forms. Allowing potential renters to submit rental applications online and allowing you to view and work on new online rental application forms eliminates paper and document storage and keeps your business organized.

Thank you Message

A thank you or confirmation message will be sent to prospective tenants once they have submitted their rental applications. Because you will now have each applicant's information, each message will be customized with their name and any other relevant information that you've already collected. The information you provide about the property is significant since some applicants may use this message as a reference and keep track of where they have registered.

Acknowledgment of application submission, address/details of the property, and an estimate of when they might anticipate a follow-up are all possible inclusions in the response. A tailored thank you statement might create a positive impression on the applicants and inspire them to do business with you in the foreseeable future. It is critical to let all of your clients know how much you value their engagement.

Application review

The applications will be reviewed at the following stage. All application information is kept in the CRM, which streamlines the process by allowing employees to quickly and efficiently determine whether or not an applicant qualifies and conduct any necessary assessments. When opposed to doing the activities manually and going back and forward between platforms or programs, having all of this information in one place makes the process much simpler.

Applicants who are determined to be acceptable are highlighted for further consideration and progress to the next stage of the process. It is critical to correctly analyze candidates in order to avoid future difficulties. By conducting your due diligence ahead of time, you may have a better understanding of the individual or persons who will be residing in the rental property and guarantee they would be suitable renters. Those that aren't approved for a follow-up are transferred to a different group in the customer relationship management system (CRM).

Follow up

Applicants who are found to be eligible should be contacted after their applications have been reviewed. In most cases, the follow-up message will encourage them to schedule a visitation or to sign documentation. It is imperative to include any relevant and important information in this follow-up communication, just as it was in the thank-you note.

Some of the important follow-up messages are appointment information, links to any required papers, and staff contact information in case they run into any difficulties or have questions about the procedures. It is possible that you will want more information from certain candidates. If you require a significant amount of extra information, you can send a link to another online form in the follow-up email to the recipients.


A simplified rental application management procedure is something that any property management firm should be utilizing. To summarize, Whether the company rents out a large number of properties or simply a few, automating this practice can make a significant impact on overall efficiency. Streamlining the application and engagement process makes it simpler for organizations to accept applications and then connect with potential renters while maintaining a personal level of communication with them.

This streamlines the application process for everyone involved because candidates will not have to wait days to find out whether or not their application submission was successful. Everything about the scenario is positive for everyone engaged. In line with the all-in-one platform, Questionscout has developed an automated property rental application management system that is simple to use and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any property management business.