Introducing QuestionScout Version 2.0

A complete redesign of the platform as you know it, with exciting updates such as a completely redesigned interface, an improved builder, collaboration features and much more.

Today marks the start of a whole new journey for QuestionScout. With the release of version 2.0, we've laid the foundational work for scaling the platform to the next level.

The platform will look different than you're used to, and have a whole new experience at it as well. Every single bit of interface has been redesigned from the ground up, all with the goal of a more improved user experience.

The updated Dashboard


It is now much easier to access and manage your workspaces. With completely redesigned navigational elements and form previews, you can now identify who is working on what at a single glance.

The new Workspaces UI, zoomed in on the Workspaces navigation

All of your workspaces now live in a dedicated sidebar, displaying who is invited to that particular workspace, and who is online and browsing within that workspace in real-time, making collaboration with your colleagues and clients a streamlined process.

Your forms are in the center of it all, quite literally. The status of the form as well as who is viewing or editing the form is displayed on your dashboard in real-time.

And on the right-hand side, you can find all of the details of your workspace, including workspace-wide domain settings, SMTP settings, all Editors and Guests, as well as the ability to hide it from other individuals within your organisation.

The updated Builder

Building forms in QuestionScout has received the lions share of love this update. The newly designed builder now displays a real-time preview of your form and has a completely new interface structure.

All of your elements are now visible on the left-hand side, contained within the Elements Navigator. The element navigator has three main functions: accessing elements, moving elements and it acts as a navigation for the form preview in the center.

Which brings us to the center of it all, your form. The newly designed builder displays your form in the center, showing all updates and changes in real-time. Clicking a field or any other element within the preview will also open it in the elements navigator and vice-versa.

With an element selected (either inside of the form preview, or in the Elements navigator on the left), the panel on the right-hand side will display all of the element properties. This includes element-specific properties, logic, calculations and more.

All of the form settings such as themes, messaging, email notifications and more now live in the sidebar next to your elements navigator.

All of the participants are displayed on the top-right corner in real-time. Hovering over their avatars will also display what they are doing on the form at that time, allowing you to collaborate closely.