Introducing Advanced themes

Remember that time you wanted to collect online data using an online form or survey, but you couldn't style it the way you wanted? Or the software you were using restricted you from making it genuinely on-brand? Well, so were we. And now, we've added a brand-new feature to help you create real branded online forms and surveys, for once and for all.

We've been working on a completely new design tool that allows anyone to create a completely customized online form or survey without any coding or design knowledge. After working on this for the last months, we're proud to announce the release of QuestionScout Advanced Themes: the most powerful and customizable design solution on any online form and survey building software.

We've created over 20 Stock Themes to get you started. If you'd like to create your own custom theme, we got you covered as well. We give you over 500 new styling options that you can apply to your online form or survey — starting from basic settings such as the maximum width on desktop, tablet or mobile to more advanced settings such as gradient overlays on buttons.

Keeping our promise to keep QuestionScout accessible to everyone, we've released the Advanced Themes builder to every new & existing QuestionScout user. As such, every QuestionScout user now has access to Advanced Themes for free.

Both Free and PRO QuestionScout users can create, customize and use Advanced Themes to truly make custom, on-brand online forms and surveys.

We're looking forward to see what kind of online forms & surveys everyone will be creating using our advanced themes.

Happy Scouting from the entire QuestionScout team!