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How to use online forms throughout your entire organization

In the situation when you're requested to complete a form, what comes to mind first? Most likely, thoughts of paper forms go through your head — you know, the ones that require a pen and a smooth, hard surface to complete — when you hear the word "form." Even though digital tools are rapidly altering the way work is done, paper forms have been around for a long time and continue to be a popular option.

Especially when working with paper forms, it's easy for important information to get lost in the mix and buried under the pile of other duties that pile up on your desk at the same time. In addition to collecting actionable data, online forms enable you to manage, save, organize, and personalize that information all in one place and quickly share it with others, all in one location. You can even embed online forms on your company's website, publish a link to them on your social media platforms.

In this article, we'll highlight how various teams within your business can use online forms instead of traditional paper papers, which can be easily lost, misplaced, or discarded.

Online forms for Sales and Marketing Team

As people become less inclined to accept the status quo, companies are racing to provide products, services, and experiences that are better, more meaningful, more efficient, less expensive, and more suited for their customers' needs and desires. Even if you come up with a fantastic concept and have tangible results to show for it, your efforts may be for naught if your firm isn't spreading the word or actively seeking new clients.

Spreading your message by word of mouth can only go so far, and depending on people to offer their contact information in person will only help you remain in touch with a small number of your clients. The use of online forms can streamline the workflow of your marketing team by offering a convenient way for customers to get in touch with you. As online forms are easily customized, you can rapidly implement them to meet a variety of marketing objectives in your company's marketing plan.

Lead Generation

No doubt, replying to inquiries and requesting feedback from individuals who use or engage with your products and services may provide you with useful information. For this reason, your website should provide a smooth approach for visitors to reach out and speak with you anytime they have questions or want to share their thoughts. A contact email address or phone number might be useful, but it requires people to leave your website. in order to be used.

Existing clients and other website visitors who want to get on with their business without having to send an email or make a phone call may find this extra step in the process to be a deal-breaker. Contact forms on your website can give a seamless option for people who want to reach out or just assist you in developing or finding out more about what you have to offer in terms of services. Most online form builders allow you to embed them, all you need to do is link the form to your Management system.

Online forms for HR Team

Recruitment platforms are effective for posting job openings, collecting applications, and screening and arranging the information gathered from those applications. However, in many situations, you'll want the assistance of another software solution in order to follow up with prospects, gather further information from them, and schedule interviews.

Recruitment platforms and applicant tracking systems are also often substantial, which means that your hiring expenditures might mount up over time if you're utilizing a variety of software applications. When compared to traditional methods, online forms are a more cost-effective solution that allows your human resources team to collect information from potential applicants and manage it all in a single location.

Online forms for IT Teams

Technological advancements have definitely altered the way we obtain information and carry out daily operations. Although there are fewer possibilities for human mistakes, technology isn't perfect and may be problematic at times. That's when your company's IT or technical support team can come to the rescue. However, contacting your company's technical support team for assistance might take time and add to their never-ending backlog of requests for assistance.

Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult for support teams to document their work and handle any follow-up concerns that may emerge. As a result, your support staff, customers, and workers may find the entire troubleshooting process irritating. Technical support teams can handle many support requests quickly and prioritize work based on complexity, difficulty, or urgency using online forms. When support staff needs to step in and give assistance, online forms make it easy to search up previous requests.

Online forms for QA Teams

To stand out among competitors, businesses must offer innovative solutions, keep promises, provide positive experiences, and produce high-quality products or services. To stay relevant and ahead of the competition, you should have security measures in place to ensure that people are receiving high-quality products and services. If you don't check your products and services for deficiencies or inadequacies on a regular basis, your attempts to develop positive customer experiences may struggle.

Quality assurance teams can address these issues by investigating complaints, troubleshooting problems, and collaborating directly with people within your organization to develop proactive solutions. These groups take comprehensive notes in order to categorize issues and identify areas for improvement. Inspectors and other field workers can use online forms to streamline their workflow rather than fumbling with paper forms that can be lost or damaged.


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