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How to use marketing quizzes in lead generation

Lead generation is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and commitment to get the right leads for your business. Marketing quizzes are a great way to increase your conversion rates, especially when you have a marketing plan already set up. These small quizzes will engage your audience and they will be more likely to take action with your offers.

When the brain is continually bombarded with information and marketing messages, it short-circuits. Audiences develop "ad blindness" in an attempt to block out the entire commercial clamor. This is the point at which website visitors subconsciously recognize and dismiss all forms of advertising, particularly when the ad is prominently marked — for example, in a banner.

This is a frightening scenario for everyone involved in lead generation. Lead producers have discovered that interactive marketing is 23% more effective than its old, static equivalent as marketing methods have changed and improved. Polls, competitions, calculators, games, and, of course, marketing quizzes are all examples of interactive marketing. If you're having trouble generating high-quality leads in large quantities, marketing quizzes could be the answer.

Everyone likes Human Touch

When people think of online marketing, they envision flashy things—cars, designer clothing, food and beverage, interior design, and so on. People are usually lured to life's minor luxuries, so such things are easy to sell. Successful marketing becomes a different story when you're producing leads in financial niches. Think of several areas such as debt relief, mortgages, life insurance, secured loans, and so on.

As a lead generator and marketer, it is your responsibility to make the area you are in sound attractive. This also remains true for the questions in your marketing quiz. So you should include a personal touch, such as, "What will you do with the money you've saved after you're debt-free?" Remind your quiz taker what's in it for them, and your engagement will continue to skyrocket.

Get personal with your Marketing Quiz

Have you ever received a message of Facebook from a chatbot that used your name? Or an email that begins, "Hello [insert your name here]"? You can use the similar approach with your marketing quizzes as part of your lead-generating strategy, and it's pretty simple to implement. Obtaining a name is only the first step. Once you've sorted out some basic information (name, age, employment status, and so on), it's time to start leading them along customized branches of the decision tree.

You may ask for the quiz taker's email address in exchange for their results once you've guided them through their particular journey. This will assist you in generating more leads, as 57% of consumers are eager to provide personal information in exchange for customized offers, discounts, or advice. Then, in addition, you might send them a personalized report with information on how you may assist them.

Use marketing data to nurture your leads

Marketing quizzes are not only fantastic for generating leads, but they are also excellent for lead segmentation. As you can see, not all leads are considered equal. Only about 20 of every 100 prospects generated by your marketing quiz will be ready to take action right away. The remaining 80 leads will need to be nurtured a little more. Put these users in an email autoresponder series to warm them up by sending them advice, tips, and valuable resources.

When the content corresponds to the lead's interests, the customer is more likely to open the email. Resubmit the offer in three to six months. Inquire if they are ready to speak with an expert and direct them toward making an appointment. It may take a while, but the email addresses of those who are unsure are just as valuable as those ready to act right now.

Spend equal time on Questions and Results

Quiz creators will occasionally devote all of their attention and time to creating killer questions — only to cut corners on the results. For example, a quiz taker who only received the answer "You're an Authoritarian manager" without any accompanying analysis or details would be disappointed. When creating your quiz, remember to keep the 50/50 rule in mind. Spend the same amount of time on results as you do on questions.

That type of 'word of mouth marketing' is difficult to top, as leads share their quiz answers and encourage their friends to participate. It's an efficient approach to generate more leads for your campaign. Most quiz creators make this simple by incorporating social sharing - so your quiz takers can share their quiz findings with a single click. On the other hand, successful quizzes have one thing in common; they deliver detailed results to the quiz taker.

Make your lead forms short

Most quiz makers allow you to create your lead form, allowing you to collect each quiz taker's name and email address. More advanced ones will also allow you to include highly customizable features such as dropdowns, appointments, ratings, and more. Marketers know that the more data you have, the easier it is to convert customers. It's easy to use these forms as an excuse to ask each lead questions. However, a lengthy form may result in fewer opt-ins.

Keep your form to five fields or less as a starting point. According to research, removing irrelevant fields can increase leads. It can be easy to add a lot of checkboxes to fulfill every privacy criterion. Use one checkbox to cover everything, with links to your privacy policy and/or terms and conditions. Don't forget to tailor the opt-in button — go beyond the bland 'submit' option. Make the button exciting and relevant to your offer.


Creating a popular quiz isn't the easiest thing in the world, but if you've mastered how to incorporate quizzes into your content marketing, you can utilize them as a new approach to reach and engage your audience. There are several quizzing solutions available, but QuestionScout is the most user-friendly, with a nice visual layout for branching questions that differs from the other platforms.

There you have it – the secrets to using quizzes successfully for lead generation. Quizzes should no longer be denied; try incorporating them into your marketing approach to discover how far your company can go. If you follow these lead-generating quiz techniques, you will have your automated marketing funnel to help you qualify and convert more leads into impressed clients.