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How to automate manual processes with online forms

Manual processes can be time-consuming and tedious. Luckily, there are many online services that allow you to automate these processes with a few clicks of the mouse.

In the digital climate that we're currently dwelling in, doing things by hand is the last possible thing on anyone's mind. With the fast-paced track we're all on, it only makes sense that new ways are constantly put forth that lessen the effort and minimize the time involved. The same holds true for businesses— whether tangible or physical.

If you really think about it, there are so many things you might be carrying out business-wise that eat up time and even translate to missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers. It's time to accept that things have changed, and the age of automation is inevitable. This is why we've conjured up the perfect guide on how to automate all your manual processes with the help of online forms. Don't miss out!

Speed Up e-Commerce

If your company is based online, or at least partially online, your online store is a vital resource that must be protected. While it is simple to set up an e-Commerce store, delivering a positive client experience from browsing to delivery is the key to long-term success. A seamless connection between customer orders and order processing will help reduce delivery times, increasing customer happiness, and assisting your business's growth.

Growth in e-commerce is more than just a business opportunity. Companies must become more innovative in order to keep up with demand as internet consumers become more demanding. As a result, automating their e-commerce workflow is critical. QuestionScout can be an invaluable resource in automating many of your business processes.

Manage Leads

Even if you are not selling directly, online forms can assist you in identifying new leads for your sales department to chase through some other channels. Rather than manually entering lead information, you could set up an online form on your website and configure it to deliver information automatically. This will assist you in increasing conversions and making the most of your internet presence.

This option is especially useful for smaller teams that do not utilize specific CRM software for lead generation, as well as those who already use online forms but manually process input. A simple Switch between an online form generator and a worksheet can save you a lot of time when entering data. Ideally, your automation would generate tasks automatically in lead processing which will be organized logically.

Processing Customer Application

New customer applications frequently necessitate several steps, such as the customer filling out the online form, notifying multiple functional areas to conduct their own tests and procedures, notifying third entities for form approval flows and checks, processing payments, requesting additional information from customers, informing customers of next steps, and so on.

Not surprisingly, this process can be time-consuming. However, the speed and convenience with which you process applications can make all the difference between a happy long-term customer and a dissatisfied short-term customer are important. Workflow, for example, is very helpful. Customers can fill out and submit application forms online on any device. Payments are processed quickly using a secure third-party payment channel. Administrators can see where a form is in the workflow process.


Efficiency is one of the primary goals of any sort of technology. Automation, like many other technologies across businesses, has the potential to boost efficiency tremendously by shortening the time required to complete tedious tasks. This is not to say that automation can boost all sorts of productivity. When used for difficult and repeated activities, the technology performs well.

While artificial intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, it is still far from being a replacement for the human brain. Many jobs or operations in a small business still necessitate human interaction, both cognitive and physical, in the case of more sophisticated activities. Businesses can increase productivity by automating some of the front-loaded procedures that would otherwise take time to complete, and online forms can be an excellent gauge of this.

Improved Collaboration

Every organization has a lot of moving pieces, with separate teams working on different tasks and employees almost constantly wearing numerous hats and coordinating a variety of responsibilities at the same time. This is why it is so easy for activities, even the most important ones, to get lost in the meander.

Automation technologies can help to expedite effective communication, keep everyone on the same page, give references to previous work and alternative approaches, and make goal setting and deadlines easy and automated. In this regard, online forms make it much easier to track progress and have a better understanding of where resources might be best dedicated.


Human mistake is eliminated by software programs or algorithms. Regardless of how skilled or careful a person actually is, but there is always the possibility of making a mistake, which necessitates any further time and effort in the form of review in order to be quickly corrected. As a result, many mistakes go ignored until they cause issues. Automation delivers evident benefits to any firm in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Using an online form for data capture to process forms reduces the chance of distractions, keystroke errors, and other problems that are frequent in manual processing. This equates to more accurate and reliable data that can be used to make well-informed conclusions. Taking steps to decrease the likelihood of human mistakes also means spending less time searching down and resolving data discrepancies.


Finally, automation provides knowledgeable and savvy business owners with far too much leverage to ignore for much longer. On the other hand, attempting to automate your business from top to bottom will always seem impossible, especially if you're starting from scratch and have no prior expertise with automation. Finding a few high-leverage areas to focus on where automation can pay the most returns is the best approach.

Look for areas where your employees believe they are overburdened. You can immediately automate some of their activities if you can. The slow and steady path to success is to take a bite-sized approach to automation, continually looking for methods to progressively improve and automate your firm. It also helps you to track and optimize each new effort without feeling forced to completely rebuild your company every time.