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Digitalize your real estate processes today

With an electronic accounts payable process, you can easily convert a paper invoice into a digital invoice and track the invoice's progression throughout your organization, saving you time and money. Using this electronic process, the appropriate person will be notified that an invoice must be approved or rejected within a specified time frame. If you’re still stuck in the paper era, we’re going to give you plenty of reasons why digitization is a necessity more than a luxury.

Processes that are digital improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed, resulting in a reduction in bottlenecks, errors, and lost documents. A digital format will be used exclusively for future real estate transactions, with commercial and residential properties being purchased and sold in a seamless fashion. Major stakeholders will benefit from the use of these digitized platforms, which will result in increased transaction speed and lower transaction costs, as well as an increase in the amount of data.

Let's have a look over which digital forms are crucial to your real estate firm, shall we?

Buying and Selling digitally

Prospects can quickly obtain information about your present offerings by using digital real estate forms. You can design a form specifically for this procedure. Here, you can include fields for basic client information, real estate properties of interest, and so forth. They may also use your digital inquiry form to organize visits to property sites on the spot. As a real estate firm, you should be on the lookout for properties that are a good fit for your company.

Prospective sellers of real estate properties can also use forms. This is particularly useful when you have clients who have requested specific properties but can't find them on your listings. Because you've established areas with precise specifications for what you need, the digital forms make it easy for prospective sellers to put their homes for sale. You'd be surprised at how much this basic digital real estate form can speed up the conversion of your prospects by making queries and decisions more direct.

Capture new leads

It is not necessary to be continuously connected in order to run a successful real estate firm. Allowing you to continue selling even when you're asleep, on vacation, or in the middle of a tour with another customer is possible with lead generation software. With the addition of a new client information form to your website, you'll make it simple for prospective clients to get in touch with you.

Furthermore, the information you collect is 100 percent correct (since it is provided directly by the client) and may be utilized immediately to follow up with them or contact them at a later time if necessary. Assemble your CRM into a centralized database to keep information structured and updated while offering a single source of truth for your whole real estate company.

The mortgage process made easy

Everyone is aware that the mortgage application procedure is time-consuming. But does it have to be a torturous ordeal? The use of a digital mortgage application process makes it feasible for applicants to complete online forms, upload needed assets (such as pay stubs, tax forms, and other supporting documentation), legally sign using a digital signature, and submit their loan application.

Online forms eliminate time-consuming chores such as lengthy back and forth email chains, collecting paperwork, forms, and signatures in person, and collecting information on papers which causes headaches for both you and your clients. Once you have gathered all of the necessary information, you can create a complete smart document that can be forwarded to underwriting for rapid, simple processing, allowing your customers to proceed through the home-buying process more efficiently.

Digital offers and contracts

It's unthinkable to mismanage time while the market is booming, whether you're developing, editing, or accepting an offer. If you don't act quickly enough, your clients will begin to lose interest in your company. Instead of creating a new legal document every time you want to make an offer, you should be able to rapidly change existing documents and securely transmit them for immediate eSignature.

By integrating all of the digital information you already have about your client (name, current address, etc.) into your CRM and auto-populating it into your new agreement, you can create a smart document. You'll save time by utilizing the data that's already at your fingertips rather than having to repeat the same procedures over and over again. This means more time to spend on the road promoting!

The leasing process is efficient

Real estate automation is also advantageous in the leasing sector. Maintaining high occupancy throughout a complex requires ensuring that applications are processed as quickly as new tenants anticipate. This is accomplished by keeping the whole system online. Everything from leases to extensions to cancellations can be stored online, allowing for an automated document process that frees up your time so that you can focus on providing excellent resident service.

Additionally, if a potential renter becomes a tenant, you will be able to utilize their information for a variety of purposes, including mailings, invites to community events, renewal procedures, and more. It's goodbye, filing cabinets!


When doing building audits, you can use a simple and responsive form builder to construct a digital form that includes all of your standard characteristics. Your inspectors may examine buildings using only their mobile phones, regardless of where they are. If you own properties in distant areas, this will become increasingly significant. At the end of the day, real estate businesses must fill out many papers in order to operate their company, including paperwork for asking for loans and rentals.

The goal is to use digital real estate forms to speed up the processes involved in purchasing and selling properties. Questionscout brings the benefits of real estate data gathering and automation to life with automated agreements, contracts, and revisions that are as easy to submit as they are to fill up. Online forms assist real estate professionals in maintaining their business efficiency and professionalism by automating the various papers agents, managers, and mortgage specialists need.