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Easily create beautiful, advanced online forms using our innovative, all-in-one form builder.

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Create forms to collect all kinds of feedback such as registrations, contact details or anything else you can think of. QuestionScout's form builder is easy-to-use, can be used entirely for free and works with all of your other favourite tools.

Build online forms that allow you to have a conversation with your respondents

You're most likely used to asking things to people all the time. When you talk to a stranger, you will probably start the conversation talking about the weather, how their day went or anything else to start the conversation.
With online forms, people seem to forget about the human aspect of asking questions entirely, as forms are just a static webpage with some questions, or are they..?
By building online forms using QuestionScout, you can finally add the human aspect to your online forms using our set of advanced features, for free!

Create beautiful, easy-to-use online forms without writing a single line of code!

Anyone can build online forms in QuestionScout. With our 15+ form types, advanced customisable themes, a simple and easy to understand interface and all the advanced features you could wish for such as conditional logic, you can rest assured you can get all the answers to your questions. And you can do all of this without writing any code.

Collect any kind of information, anywhere you want

Embed your online form on your website and have your website visitors fill it out, or simply share it with your prospects via email, or just spread it around on social media, or… Well, you probably get the point. Our online forms can be shared anywhere, and it's up to you whether you share it with a broad audience or if you decide to keep it small and private.

Get notified instantly when someone submits your online form

Have yourself, one of your team members or even multiple team members notified when you have a new response on your online form or survey. Using our advanced Notification Emails with conditional logic, you can create any kind of notification flow you can think of.

Never miss anything with Partial Responses

Collect all information your respondents submit, even when they don't complete your online form. With Partial Responses, you will never have to worry about your respondents leaving your forms as they are submitting it. Collecting data with online forms has never been this easy!

Collect everything with our selection of form fields

Short Answer

Used to collect shorter, open-ended answers such as names.

Long Answer

Used to collect longer, open-ended answers such as opinions.

Email Address

Used to collect email addresses. This only accepts valid email inputs.

Phone Number

Used to collect phone numbers. This only accepts valid phone number inputs.


Used to collect numbers. This only accepts valid number inputs.

Single Choice

Have your respondents select a single options from a list of options.

Multiple Choice

Have your respondents select multiple options from a list of options.

Image Choice

Have your respondents select one or multiple images from a list of images.


Provide a list of options to choose from in a dropdown field.

File Upload

Collect any type of file up to 50MB, such as photos or resumes. Up to you!


Have your respondents sign their responses. Supports both typing and drawing.


Give your respondents a numbered scale to choose from.


Collect calendar dates or times. You have full control over formatting.


Add a title to the structure of your form or survey. Perfect for seperating sections.


Add a description to the structure of your form or survey.


Add an image to your form or survey. Could be your logo or any other image you want.


Add a divider to the structure of your form or survey.

Page Breaks

Adds additional pages to your form or survey. Only for Traditional Forms/

A quick run through on how to get started:

Know what you want to ask

Tip Icon

Super-handy tip you should always keep in the back of your head

Think of what you want to ask before you publish your online form and share it with the world. When sending forms, it's important to know there is very little room for error, and our features such as partial responses can only get you so far. If you stick to the rule of "Only ask what you need to know", your respondents will be more willing to complete the form in one session.

Ask like a human, because you're not a robot (right?)

Tip Icon

If you're a robot this won't work

Making your form as personal as possible is a significant first step to having a more human conversation with your respondents. Questions like "Name" and "Email" are okay and straight-forward, but they don't spark any kind of emotion. Instead, try to spark that little bit of enthusiasm and ask "Hi there! What is your name?" instead. Afterwards, you will be able to refer back to the respondent's name and ask "Nice to meet you, Anna! Mind sharing your email so we can get back to you?". Make your online form as personal as possible, and it will reap the rewards in no-time.

Collect all the files

You can collect files up to 50 megabytes with a single click on your form. Using our file upload field, you can collect valuable data such as resumes, audio files, video files and much more.

Have a conversation

Prevent asking robotic and dull questions. Try to be as creative as possible and use features such as Refer To to make your form as conversational as possible. As mentioned before, try to spark a little bit of emotion in the way you ask your questions.

Stay in the know

Send an email notification to your respondent immediately after they have submitted their form to let them know everything arrived safe and sound. There is no worse feeling than thinking you input the wrong email.

Shape a pathway

Using Conditional Logic, you can create different paths in your form. This way, you're sure you only ask relevant questions and get your questions answered. Having your form change for different respondents is a great way to make them engaged.

Say thanks, for real

Say thank you in a completely personalised way. With our advanced thank-you page logic, you can create different thank-you pages depending on the selection that the respondent made on the form. You can be sure to leave a lasting impression this way!

Gotta catch 'em all

Using Partial Responses, you can save all of your answers from the moment someone starts submitting your form. You can even see your respondents interact with your form in realtime. This way, you can be sure never to lose any information.

Use it everywhere

Easily collect a large number of responses by embedding our form into your website or app. Simply copy-paste our embed code and drop it into your websites HTML code or Wordpress website. Using our Advanced Themes, you can easily make sure it looks exactly like your website!

Works on all devices

Today, over 71% of all web traffic is mobile. Online forms made with QuestionScout are 100% responsive, meaning they scale to any device. You can rest assured your forms will work on any kind of screen, both big and small.

Add neccesary spices

There is no need to have your form look like it was built back in 2006. Using our Advanced Themes, you can make your form look beautiful, up-to-date and utterly on-brand without any problem. First impressions are everything, so make sure you make the most of it.